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Get Schiffy is a P2E, 2D run game based on the Peter Schiff Bitcoin storyline / narrative of his disdain for Bitcoin and his love for Gold. Get Schiffy has all the viral quality’s you could ask for.

Ido Details

Buying our Token ($GOLD) Has never been easier
Get Schiffy has concluded the 1st of 2 IDO stage.

  • 1st phase completed with great success. Over 600 happy wallets.
  • 2nd phase Presale launch on pink sale platform Telegram
Get Schiffy Gold Presale

Launchpad IDO 20% of total supply. 200 billion tokens @1.000.000 tokens per $1
Will be conducted on Pinksale Launch pad platform.

Presale Starts In
Bsc Scan
Coin Gecko
Coin Market


Run around the cities of the world avoiding Bitcoin and collecting the beloved Gold, or enjoy a PvP experience and take everyone’s Gold to ensure your stack is the largest, just the way Schiffy would love it.

  • Mr P. Schiffy
    Mr. Schiffy

    “Schiffy” starts the game at the edge of the crypto rich Dubai City. Schiffy runs on rooftops from one side of the city to the other, while passing the main attractions, all the while collecting $GOLD bars and avoiding bitcoins scattered everywhere between and in the way of his beloved $GOLD bars.

  • Enemys Get Schiffy

    Along his journey, Schiffy encounters “Bitcoin Villians/ Maxi’s” throwing bitcoins at him in an attempt to get Schiffy to embrace the bitcoin. However, Schiffy loves his gold with a deep passion, that he will not even take the bitcoin literally being thrown at him.

  • $Gold Token GetSchiffy

    The love for gold is so strong, that when Schiffy does run into a bitcoin or is hit with bitcoin, his gold stack diminishes. Once Schiffy reaches the opposite side of the City with his swag of “$GOLD” he is happy, as he has earnt $GOLD , a big beautiful sack of it. You as the player can then choose to cash it in, or go on to play double or nothing.


Mr. Schiffy

Mr. Schiffy, you despise Bitcoin and love your gold. Schiffy believes that gold is a better store of value. Well now you have a chance to collect some real "$ GOLD" gold that is WORTH REAL MONEY. Mr Schiffy is the main character in the first of many games to come.

Simply by playing you make real hard earned cash!
Get Schiffy!
Get him!
Characters include Schiffy and the Bitcoin Maxi’s who are there to attack and bombard him with Bitcoins. Bitcoin Maxi’s will see you in level 2 onwards.

NFTS Characters

Discover the great stories behind our NTFs. Know their origins, use and the potential of each of them. More details...

  • Get schiffy NFTS
  • Get schiffy NFTS
  • Get schiffy NFTS
Price: 50 BUSD
  • Get schiffy NFTS
  • Get schiffy NFTS
  • Get schiffy NFTS
Price: 100 BUSD
  • Get schiffy NFTS
  • Get schiffy NFTS
  • Get schiffy NFTS
Price: 150 BUSD

You can use it, trade it, even sell it... nfts characters are coming to our marketplace soon.


  • Q2/2022
    • Launch website and Socials
    • Partnerships
    • VIP Pre sale before IDO
    • List token on Pancake swap
    • Official Launch
    • Giveaways/competitions
  • Q3/2022
    • New levels
    • Ranking sites
    • List on reputable exchanges
    • Giveaways/competitions
  • Q4/2022
    • Partner with influencers for characters
    • P2E games
    • Open staking platform
  • Q1/2023
    • New levels
    • Ranking sites
    • List on reputable exchanges
  • Q2/2023
    • Begin market buying
    • Airdrops begin
    • Marketing campaign
    • International tournaments


We will start with 1,000,000,000,000 tokens, which has an equivalent of 100% as initial supply. More details...

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Our Team

This is our wonderful team that is taking get schiffy to the moon.

  • Matt Edward Founder-Ceo GetSchiffy

    Matt Edward

  • Gabriel Navarro Business Relations GetSchiffy

    Gabriel Navarro
    Business Relations

  • Hasnain Fareed Lead Game Developer GetSchiffy

    Hasnain Fareed
    Lead Game Developer

  • Safi Kahn Blockchain Developer GetSchiffy

    Safi Kahn
    BlockChain Developer

  • Jonathan Urdaneta Web developer GetSchiffy

    Jonathan Urdaneta
    Full Stack Developer

  • Jeffrey Mateo Inhouse Illustrator GetSchiffy

    Jeffrey Mateo
    Inhouse Illustrator

  • Chris Burns position GetSchiffy

    Chris Burns
    Chief marketing officer

  • Renmark Quinto Researcher GetSchiffy

    Renmark Quinto

  • Giorgi Kurtsikidze Legal representative GetSchiffy

    Giorgi Kurtsikidze
    Legal representative


Get Schiffy Partners

Partner Unity
Partner Prosperity
Partner SafeWages
Partner Ando Token

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